Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

When a tree is cut down to ground level or just above, a “tree stump” is left behind, which is unsightly, prevents other planting and can start disease. Nothing else can grow and shoots from the still living root system can sprout again.

The most common way to remove tree stumps is to grind them out below ground level - this is Tree Stump Removal.

The grinding out can be done when the tree is first cut down or later. We use special tree stump grinding machinery which comes in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of the tree, how deep the tree stump is and the type of access to the tree stump for the grinding machinery.

Our tree stump removal services include:

  • The use of up to date equipment allowing the removal of tree stumps with the minimum of ground disturbance
  • Tackling any size of stump, from just a few inches up to several feet across
  • Grinding the tree stumps and surface roots to well below ground level which allows replanting or ground preparation for just about any purpose

Our rates are very competitive; for a free, no obligation quote please call or mail us today.

Tree stump grinding - before stump removal Tree stump grinding - after stump removal and ground reinstatement
Stump before removal Stump after removal and ground reinstatement